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Rene's gift looked in the mouth

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May 22, 2020
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Rene has graciously allowed me to re-work the free version of his excellent algorithmic loop deconstruction tool, the Deep Minimal Trax Maker 4 (, and I had a blast doing it. All I did was add some of my favorite modulation devices, Peter Dines' endlessly useful Roux step sequencers, and shift the GUI elements around, then add a few new loops to the first 6 or so of the beat loops he supplied. These come partly from my own recordings and the rest from the ever-surprising Chimp-Tastik animal noises from Cal Scott, sadly now no longer to be found online, tho the UL entry still is (hopefully that'll get fixed…?).

Of course, the loops are key, so add your own, by dragging them in either one at a time to the sample window n the GUI, or into the Sample Map area. For some reason loading .map files doesn't work; the samples show up but aren't scanned by the ensemble the same way dragged in ones are.

If you have less than 128 loops loaded, the samples-select step sequencer can be adjusted with the little number fields below the Send to… box. They default to 0 and 1, but can be reversed or set to other decimals that restrict the range so you don't hit empty sample slots, unless you want to, to add silence. This is also a good strategy when you want to change the effect with eg the pitch or freq steppers without changing the steps themselves.

There are also about 80 snaps, which start out rather chaotic and random but include at least two sets of a-to-z variations that hopefully show off exactly how surgically you can alter the loop playback. Have fun…and stay safe!!


Damon Krause
1 month ago
Farewell friend... your creations live on
herbert gollini
1 year ago