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JP-80 Soundbank

Sounds of the 80s Default Bank given reasonable names

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1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
June 06, 2020
Reaktor 6
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I took the default preset bank for the wonderful JP-80 Synth and manually named each preset so that you could actually navigate the bank (The presets originally were named Sound 1, Sound 2, Sound 3, etc.)

For those who don't have the JP-80 synth, I would highly recommend you get it, it's an amazing piece of Reaktor programming. Here is a link to where in the user library it is.

The bank includes:
Bass - 4 Snapshots
Brass - 12 Snapshots
FX - 1 Snapshot
Keys - 20 Snapshots
Lead - 7 Snapshots
Pads - 3 Snapshots
Pluck - 9 Snapshots
Strings - 7 Snapshots
Total - 64 Snapshots


1 year ago
@Kenzo Cervoni : Thank you, I would have never figured this out.
Kenzo Cervoni
1 year ago
@F. Meilleur: Open the JP-80, click edit, go to the preset browser (it's on the very top left corner of this ens's profile picture, right above the camera icon, it's the list looking icon) Left-click somewhere on there, like the camera icon, and a menu will show up. One of the options is load bank, click that, Finder or Explorer will show up, locate the file you downloaded from here, and choose it. Then save JP-80 You will now have this bank in JP-80.
1 year ago
How or where do you install this file ?
Kenzo Cervoni
1 year ago
Apologies for the extra grungy final audio example ;)