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Kick Enchanter

Kick enhancer

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Z Gabr
v 1.0 (Updated 6 months ago)
June 25, 2020
Reaktor 6
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Subharmonic enhancer for the kick. Add the low freq sweep for massive kick.

Please test and report me about the bugs if there are any, in this thread:

Best regards. Artem Avagimov (Z Gabr)

v 1.0
New in version:
1) Builded new sweep envelope with curve shaping release.
2) Added 2nd harmonic exciter for emphasize.
3) Added ability to select frequency range for better
synchronisation from audio-trigger.
4) Some snapshots is added.

Added sound examples. First bar of audio examples with not processed kick.


6 months ago
Artem, my new test is here: ---
Z Gabr
6 months ago
@Catman Dude Thank you!
Catman Dude
6 months ago
Artem, as always, nice work!
7 months ago
Your ism found here a home ---