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Black Widow

Tube style overdrive.

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1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
August 08, 2020
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Effect Distortion


The Black Widow is a tube style overdrive that has one big control knob.
Yes, that's right. One knob. Much rock.

The knob controls the input level of the tube overdrive.
It allows for a variety of different sounds, depending on how hard or gently you push the overdrive.
Mainly designed for guitar, but i left it stereo compatible so you can try it on anything.

Credit to Robin Davies, around who's great sounding "too-b overdrive" the Black Widow was built. There are some modest ways to tweak it further in panel view B.

Single-knob design inspired by the Earthquaker Devices "Acapulco Gold" power amp distortion pedal.

18/08/2020 new and improved knob design and raised mouse resolution.


1 year ago
You're right D B! I put a 0db limiter in there for safety reasons, but it sounds better without it. I'm taking it out. Thanks for trying it out and commenting!
1 year ago
Only tried it on synths and it's very cool but had to bypass the limiter.