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Ultra high resolution sine

ultra high resolution sine approximation core macro

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September 18, 2020
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Comparison between
-) standard core sine macro ("SineApprox 7th odd"),
-) a high resolution sine from user library by Jan Brähler:
-) and an even higher resolution sine "SineApprox Shustov Tab5 m4" based on this paper:
"Approximation of functions by two-point Hermite interpolating polynomials", 2015, Victor Vladimirovich Shustov

-) Manual numeric comparison
-) Display of the sine- and difference-function
-) Scope and FFT Analyzer for further details

Purpose: experimentation, studies, very special cases
Note: Higher resolution approximations are less efficient and inaudible in most cases


Elbo Jones
3 months ago
Very interesting...thank you, friend.