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"Underwater" effects plugin

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Peter Ball
1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
October 02, 2020
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


A simple effects plugin designed to give you an "underwater" sound!

Cuts down high-frequency content, introduces a tail effect, and can be used to subtly or not-so-subtly introduce stereo variation.

Note: This is my first attempt at creating a REAKTOR ensemble, so this is more a proof of concept for me rather than a particularly complex plugin. Please do leave a bit of feedback!


Michael Tasker
2 years ago
Christoph Bauer
2 years ago
dope.. thx
Dieter Zobel
2 years ago
Nice, thanks
Pablo Bastian
2 years ago
Well done as a first Reaktor ensemble, good job! Please keep building more and share them :) Thanks.