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The Glimmer

Textural sampler + karplus strong for spangly effects

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October 07, 2020
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Hey All! :)

This is a grain cloud sampler with karplus strong synth.

I used the Fat Easy Chorus by Jörg Holzamer for the karplus unit (

I tried to create a 'random' dial for the sampler, it generally works well but sometimes it selects no sample, so there are brief times when you get silence. Please take a look though, it kind of works pretty well and is great fun when used with the other effects.

All samples included in the ensemble were recorded by myself, and then run through a resonator tuned to C, and then compressed.

The main idea was to create something individual and textural, and I would suggest using this when you want some ear candy to fill up your tracks - I've had lots of fun while looping midi through it, recording a few minutes of audio while playing around with the effects dials, and then cherry picking the best bits.

This is the first time I've built and uploaded on this forum, so apologies if anything has been provided incorrectly, and I welcome any tips and advice :)


1 year ago
Thanks Greg! Yes it drove me mad for quite some hours, and I do want to investigate the idea of randomising samples more in the future.
Greg Killmaster
1 year ago
This produces interesting results and I think has great potential! I hope you keep refining it. Would be nice if the random sample could be fixed.