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Hand-drawn waves using selectors as OSCs!!

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4.1 (Updated 2 months ago)
November 03, 2020
Reaktor 6


The last version (3.0) had a waveform shaper that would make waves that all sounded the same even if all detail was removed leaving a flat line. This was because I was trying to make a waveform modulator that would contort the user's drawn shape over time, but instead had I built a very complex waveform rewriter that used the multiplicative nature of a ring modulator to completely rewrite the wave each cycle, which left it unrecognizable each time while still making sound when the user's waveform was just a straight line.

Now, after bypassing the botched "waveform modulator" and rerouting the waveform drawing's output directly to the Selector's, SHE WORKS!!

Old version here:


For 3.0 I have added:
An interface!
Another modulation type (RM).
3 LFOs + a Vibrato module.
Filter with many filter types to choose from + 3 lfo inputs.

Created ADSR envelopes for the following:
Shape modulator's detune/spread
FM's amount AND fm's detune/spread
RM's depth mod
Filter's depth/env mod

The ensemble now includes a phaser/flanger and a nice little reverb.

The waveform can be drawn either by using your mouse on the wave constructor's display or by using the knobs underneath it.

The 3 lfo inputs in the Filter section allow you to determine how much of each lfo's signal will be allowed in and what math processes they will be subjected to before affecting the filter. Each lfo input can be set to "x"(no change) "-x"(inverted) "rect"(rectified) or -rect(inverted rectified).
The two parameters they can effect are the filter's cutoff frequency and the filter's envelope depth.
The knob "LFO>CUT" and "LFO>ENV" make the final determination as to how much those two parameters will be modified by the LFOs.

Don't hesitate to post your pros/cons or just straight up sh** on my face. Lemme know how it works for ya.


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Michael Hagen
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very nice
Richard Figone
2 months ago
Thanks for updating. It's lovely.