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Mix Tools

Mixing tools in Blocks format

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1.3 (Updated 1 month ago)
November 03, 2020
Reaktor 6


Version 1.3

Some simple yet handy mixing tools that benefit from the Blocks format (Rack ready).

AMP - GAIN: Gain staging tool with LR or MS gain control. Output gain can add up to 24dB.
MIX - MK: Macro knob with adjustable fader response and slew for smoothing.
AMP - SLOC: Converts the signal to MS and introduces a HP 1P filter on the side channel to remove its low end for mono compatibility.
AMP - LRMS: Converts the (LR) signal to stereo / mono / left / right / mid / side. Incoming L and R channel can be inverted pre conversion.
MOD - ENF: Envelope follower with built in gate and custom envelope generator.
FLT - DJ: DJ filter with three filter types (SVF 2P, TSK 2P, Ladder 4P) and gate input to control bypass.
AMP - AUX: Two AUX sends and returns.
INT - LVL 2: Two level meters with clip detect.
FLT - LS: Low shelf EQ filter.
FLT - BS: Band shelf EQ filter.
FLT - HS: High shelf EQ filter.
AMP - MIX 4S: Stereo 4 channel mixer.
AMP - XY S: Stereo 4 channel XY mixer.
MIX - MUTE 4S: 4 mute buttons.
PRO - MSLR: Left / Right to Mid / Side converter and vice versa.


Klas Linder
1 month ago
Thank YOU for making these tools. I downloaded the today, made a quick beat and here's the result:
Phil Durrant
7 months ago
Thanks - these kinds of tools are always useful for me :)
Jonathan Tremblay
7 months ago
Very nice! Can never get enough tools :DD
Catman Dude
7 months ago
Thanks, Niels! Looking forward to using this soon.