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Multieffect to easily create transition and riser FX

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November 22, 2020
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect



Multieffect to easily create transition and riser FX - stuff for the EDM bangers, strictly forbidden in underground techno! ;)

Brought to you by AG-KW.

Created in 2020
with REAKTOR 6.

Basic Structure
An external input signal is routed through the MASTER FILTER and DELAY & REVERB.

SMiLE knob
Connected to MOD A. The basic idea is to control or automate this knob in realtime while the corresponding MOD A levels on each parameter are pre-set to a desired value. You can consider this knob a "macro" knob.
Note: There is a "total bypass" logic which resets all modulation intensities (not the preset levels) and mutes all internal signals when SMILE is 0% (then only the unaffected input signal is routed through REAKTOR). That, in turn, means if you want to hear the GENERATOR and/or any modulation with or without external input, put the SMiLE to at least 0.1%.

Connected to MOD B. Modulate each parameter as desired. Most of the knobs should be self explaining.
Use SYMMETRY to get a rising or falling sawtooth out of the TRI waveform.
DEGRADE degrades the waveform to a lower samplerate which results in a stepped modulation. Enable RESET whenever you want, but especially when in SYNC
to put LFO on beat.

Noise and oscillator which can be add to the incoming signal.
NOISE can be blended from white to random noise.
The OSCILLATOR is composed of a dual sawtooth oscillator. The second oscillator pitch is dependent on the first oscillator and will only be heard when DETUNE is not 0 (out of center position).
The generator section has its own FILTER which is the NI Blocks Monark filter.

A comb filter and a state variable filter in parallel. For the external input and the generator these can be blended per FILTER MIX knob.. DRY/WET mixes the filter combination in for each signal.
The Filters are stolen from NI Blocks modules Bento SVF and Modern Comb filter.

NI Blocks Rounds delay and reverb. Levels controllable by the DELAY, REVERB and DRY knobs.

Not to special. Modulate the PAN for crazy stereo effect!

LAG knobs
Delays the modulation inputs. Use that for even more fun.


Kirill Guk
1 year ago
Cool multi fx , good work in techno kick !
Marcel Schwarz
2 years ago
@vasco: Cool, would be nice to hear any result one day!
2 years ago
Really like this. Will be using a lot. Thanks for sharing!