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workhorse metronome remix

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1.8 (Updated 1 month ago)
November 30, 2020
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


I frankensteined some stuff and did some small stuff to get a usable workhorse metronome for when i study in front of my workstation.

Tuning tone Pitch also tunes the pulse click.

A combination of reverbed tuning tone and pitched sustained bar click can give you a sort of drone for when you need such thing.

spacebar & Ctrl + spacebar for Start/stop and reset

Disable Pulse and Bar lights by their switches.

be well :)

1.2 > typos, Bar pitch related to tuner pitch
1.3 > Time Signatures
1.4> click mutes, level dimmer, indicators less intrusive
1.5> slight redesign, kept only necessary values
1.6> cleaner bug-less barcount, division light switch
1.7> even simpler counts/ design stuff
1.8> added parallel Tuplet click cause we all need one of those

ensembles pasted>
by Karel Skakal
by Michael Dean


Greg Killmaster
1 month ago
Thanks for this! I want to try and use it but for me, not having perfect vision, it's really hard to see.
Moshe Banano
1 month ago
cool gui!