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The Lost Solfegio Frequencies

The Lost Solfegio Frequencies

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March 17, 2021
Reaktor 5 or lower


Solfeg frequencies at 639 hz


Elbo Jones
4 months ago
What Andrew said. Not to go all-in with the scientific skepticism, as there may be mysteries science will never properly address, but those are rare. One might go about finding average constants and ranges that certain oscillations tend to, but besides being arbitrary and imprecise they possess no esoteric magic. By all means, go and enjoy, but bear in mind a healthy skepticism towards all things woo-woo. There is clinical data supporting the effectiveness of Brainwave Entrainment, and exploration of those methods can be fun. You might find some enjoyment therein, I'd be happy to share some links... Also, you gangsta for popping that thing off after exposure to the concept. Definitely hang on to that quality.
andrew aronson
6 months ago
at least at this scale, resonance is tied up in size. at the molecular level, elements all have their own frequencies, where all carbon atoms would agree that some specific frequency was their frequency, but those are way higher frequencies than we could ever perceive. the atoms can only manage it because they are all exactly the same size. for us there will always probably be a person with a perceptual crossover at that frequency. even the idea of a hz is based on a second, which is completely arbitrary time measurement for the universe whatever you made looks well build though. and it is very cool to go to a concert about something and then build something about it in reaktor.
andrew aronson
6 months ago
well, i can clear up some mysteries about nature of frequency and vibration for you: people that attribute special qualities to certain constant frequencies are peddling something those cool shapes and patterns you can see emerging at certain frequencies in those sound experiments are entirely dependent on how they interact with the modes of the 2D surface they are on. if it is bigger or smaller, the frequencies that make it dance like that will be different so maybe there is some person with the perfect size head that 432 hz rings like a bell and gives them enlightenment , but it would only be because the exact size of their head and everyone else would miss out. fre