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Loid's Cousin

A noisebox/sound generator based on Lunetta concepts.

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1.0 (Updated 4 months ago)
April 24, 2021
Reaktor 6


This is a noisebox/sound generator based on concepts from my DIY Lunetta modular, complete with blinkenlichten. Lunettas are simple machines based on CMOS chips, generally using square waves as sound sources and using various logic operations and such to process them into a cacophony of random beeps, bloops, and noise.

This ensemble uses three modules that are interconnected, so that changing certain controls in one module will affect the sound of another. For example, the AM oscillator of the Modutronic Messmaker module connects to a frequency divider that controls the speed of the step-sequencer portion of the StepModder module. Each module includes simple 1-pole HP/LP filters, this is another nod to the simple circuits in the original hardware.

The hardware this is based on, being of the "quick & dirty" DIY variety, is rather noisy and unstable. The "Noise" and "Funk" knobs attempt to simulate this behavior to some degree, or at least give a bit of a similar lo-fi flavor. The MIDI Gate is just a simple on/off trigger (with velocity, since Reaktor does that by default with the MIDI component), there is no MIDI connection to pitch.


Marat Phatikhov
4 months ago