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VuduCumulonimbo 2

flangered wavetable resonator

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April 25, 2021
Reaktor 6


inspired by
HG Fortune's

- ADDED: Flanger (parallel)
- ADDED: Flanger:Delay balance
- ADDED: MRC 1.12
- ADDED: Half Speed (MRC)
- ADDED: CC 22/2 (MRC)
- ADDED: LFO Half Rate
- ADDED: Snapshots
- ADDED: AT frequence
- ADDED: AT meter
- ADDED: Pan Auto mod
- ADDED: receive CC 22/2
- ADDED: Limiter (exclusive snapshots)
- ADDED: 4 OSC Buttons
- FIXED: Velo Seq
- FIXED: Snapshots
- FIXED: Unison Controls
- FIXED: GUI controls
- FIXED: Hints
- FIXED: Sample & Hold
- FIXED: ResoMix
- REMOVED: Bass Shelf
- REMOVED: Compressor

- TO DO: Fix Snapshots

CC 2 mod Flanger Time and pitch oscillators 1/2. CC 22 delayed 25 ms mod Flanger Depth and pitch oscillators 3/4.

workflow for VCN :

Incoming MIDI is pitch mod by the two modulators crossfade by the middle between both. Button Key/X can change between mod and direct PM. The knob is the amount of mod by LFO combinations, Aftertouch and wheel. Turn to left for no mod.
MIDI drives the 4 wavetable oscillators from a map contains 3,400 samples. On every WT display are two unvisible knob layers. The upper is for banks the lower for the samples. The map contains 34 banks - each bank with 100 WT samples.
Followed by 2 filtered resonators - ended in Pandemoneum. Each osc has its own Resonator.
Effects taken from Illusions of Sound: Flanger parallel to Delay, follwed by Reverb. The gate way is for amp envelope and the WTs.
To avoid hummings be carefully with max unison and deep freqs in resonator.
LFO: The knob is the rate: left long up to 2 bars - at right shorter 1/2 (1/8T LFO2).

Please use ALT+I to show the info hints of gui elements.

Parts of bank 2 kindly created by friends
Alan, Philippe, Jonathan, Greg

All the small gre(a)y ovals are Lazy (random) buttons

Please be patient with the generating events from MRC. There is a new AutoFade @snap#. Gate is set to zero and MRC recalls WT select.

Hold gate (Gate friize) based on devs by Colin Brown, snapshot exclusive.


Guillaume Richard
2 weeks ago
I have those clicks too... Fantastic ens but those clicks... maybe they are removable.
2 months ago
Here is an NI link for Windows Tuning Tips for Audio Processing:
Greg Killmaster
2 months ago
P.S. I'm on an older iMac with i7 and 24 gigs memory.
Greg Killmaster
2 months ago
@Richard, I've heard what you are talking about in other ensembles but this has been pretty clean for me. I did have a lunge one time and looked up at the CPU load and it was around 11%. I've been listening to presets for quite some time and I'm not having that issue. I do get a dropout when I change presets sometimes.
Philippe Loiseau
2 months ago
@Richard : no problem here. May be check your settings ? What does the CPU load say ? What sample rate are you using, what buffer size ? Could be CPU overload ?
2 months ago
Richard, is that noise in my demo also?
2 months ago
And if you hang off MRC?
Richard Figone
2 months ago
It's not my ears. The signal stops completely, then starts again. There's gentle clicking and popping sounds almost no matter what preset I pick, along with your other ensemble which resembles this one very much. It's not a matter of the signal clipping in the master out. It seems to be in the signal chain somewhere in your build.
2 months ago
Richard, if there are too much in your ears reduce the Resonator knobs.
Richard Figone
2 months ago
Great potential. Sounds like there's a lot of clicking and popping somewhere in the signal chain.
2 months ago
Andy there is a link to the „Herman font” in the Reaktor forum. Thanks all who like this sounds like me.
andrew aronson
2 months ago
i like your fonts, young man
Michael Liebner
2 months ago
This is really cool!
Josep Lluis Rodilla
2 months ago
Barry Galloway
2 months ago
This is really good, thanks.
Jerome Santiago
3 months ago
So Good.
Philippe Loiseau
3 months ago
nice demo track, Paule