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An FM Drum Machine

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1.0 (Updated 2 months ago)
June 02, 2021
Reaktor 6


Four part FM drum synth and sequencer. Each sequencer has one gate track plus a velocity track and two assignable tracks. The synth engine is a simple dual operator FM synth with noise but can be brought to life with the sequences and two LFOs. I reckon some of the techno heads could get some bangers out of this.


Radwan Kaloti
1 month ago
Wish I could trigger this on/off with a midi note.
Ticco Ross
1 month ago
Great news Colin, adding random functions to this beast would be awesome.
Colin Dunkerley
1 month ago
@Ticco Ross Had a look and the randomisation IS working. It's just that it turns out there's a bunch of parameters that can be set so the synth makes no noise or the sequencer doesn't send gates, or sends them infrequently........ I will have to look at taking certain things out of the randomisation to solve this
Colin Dunkerley
1 month ago
@Ticco Ross Not entirely sure, its not something I use often so didn't think to check. Will have a look into it. Maybe it's to do with using stacked macros?
Ticco Ross
1 month ago
Great drumbox Colin, do you know why randomize snapshot is not working?
Brett Lavallee
2 months ago
Good work. Thank you.