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Patchable semi modular VA mono synth

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May 27, 2022
Reaktor 6


semi modular VA mono synth with patch bay.

I take no credit for the build of this instrument.
I'm only responsible for the look.

I redesigned the GUI because i like the things i use to look nice.
There are a two things i can do with a redesign like this. I can either keep it to myself or share it.
I can also contact whoever built the instrument and send them the graphics files. But the drawback to that is that every time changes are made to the build, we would have to go through the process all over again. And adapting the graphics for even minor changes can take a lot of work and time.

(as far as i can tell) built originally by Solar.
All Solar's creations can be found here:
Further reincarnations by Matthias Schaffner, Robert Elster and Paule.
- All Matthias Schaffer's creations can be found here:
- All Paule's creations can be found here:

Other contributors to either build or snapshots include Colin Brown, Stephan Becker, Andreas Sandberg, Pascal Santoni, Azertopia, Salamanderanagram and g200kg.

- All Colin Brown's creations can be found here:
- All Stephan Becker's creations can be found here:
- All Andreas Sandberg's creations can be found here:
- All Pascal Santoni's creations can be found here:
- All Salamanderanagram's creations can be found here:
- Creations by g200kg can be found on KVR Audio here:

About snapshots:
I will gradually be adding snapshots from the previous version to this reskin version.
It involves disconnecting / reconnecting the cables and restoring every snapshot, due to the change in patch bay size. So please be patient. I will get around to importing all of them eventually.
If you're the impatient type and want all the snapshots asap: simply download the previous version and do it yourself.

In my initial design, i had moved some of the extra features that aren't available on a real MS-20 to a separate, hidden menu. I had to undo that because it caused minor initialization issues. The build is quite intricate and a veritable GRE mine field. I might still do minor edits to make the menu look better.

I kept the original extra VCO-2 tuning knob for compatibility reasons. It's in the same place on top of the modulation indicator LED. I made it less conspicuous but if you squint you can see it.

I added and edited a few info hints here and there.

Update log:
26/06/2022 Added snapshots (bank 3 & 4 of 7)
04/06/2022 Added some snapshots (bank 2 of 7) + edited RGB level lamp graphics / properties.
28/05/2022 Slight misalignment of the graphics for patch bay input VCO 2. Should be fixed now. + Minor changes to the Mod Wheel graphics.



1 month ago
Thank you Paule!
1 month ago
Well done, Peter!
Andreas Sandberg
1 month ago
Super nice GUI! This is a path I will try to follow when designing new stuff. Thank You so much!
2 months ago
@Fedor Tkachev. Try patching the Mod Wheel output to one of the VCO inputs on the top left of the patch bay. That should work. Please feel free to let me know if i can be of help and i'll check it out over the weekend.
Fedor Tkachev
2 months ago
Amazing look and sound! Is there a way to make pitchbend wheel to work?
2 months ago
You are an expert craftsman and the work you are doing is taking this community to a new level. Thanks and I look forward to seeing your future works!
Andres Villarroya
2 months ago
Muy buen trabajo bro! sobe todo el diseño 3D, así es como debe ser, los ojos y los oídos lo agradecen
Joe Cat
2 months ago
I haven't fired Reaktor up in a while, gonna do it just for this! Curious - do you do that 3D mockups in Blender?
Der Einmeier
2 months ago
@Paule: Oh, great, thanks for the tip!
2 months ago
@Der Einmeier: Some banks are redrawn by me. In the forum now: (Page 3)
andrew aronson
2 months ago
my name krog give me two hundred dollars
Der Einmeier
2 months ago
Sounds GREAT, just wish to have plenty of snapshots already on board to learn more about how versatile this could be ;)
2 months ago
Love your builds! Looking towards to where this goes. you've nailed the GUI look here, a great leap forward.
Kirill Guk
2 months ago
Amazing clone , I think this interface is 3 times more beautiful than expensive VSTi!