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22ring (Vierring Seq-Mod)

Vierring Factory Ensemble by Mike Daliot

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1.0.1 (Updated 1 month ago)
June 19, 2022
Reaktor 6


2022 modded version of Vierring a Factory Ensemble by Mike Daliot (2003):
- added sequencer inputs which store their data in snap value arrays and can be randomized/reset either one by one or by some macro buttons (all + mod/gate/roll)
- source uses the core sampler from the factory libary for simpler drag and drop without having to adjust the sample map position, additional transposing to tune the sample against the oscillators and to be able to select sample start/end
- separated sequencers, source and the vierring ensemble as instruments
- rearranged some controls and changed gui (probably for the worse but had to revert a lot of stuff as it became to big for my screen)

Discovered vierring in a video by ruffin studio and was impressed by this old ensemble which generates really nice harmonic and rhythmical textures. It motivated me to finish a work in progress interpolated mouse input, core + partials framework and primary snap value array based table input I had lying around on my hdd.

In the future I probably will improve the table input wrapper (bipolar mode currently missing) as it could be useful for many other projects.

Version history
1.0.1 (21-06-2022)
- replace source switch with additional level control to be able to blend all three sources together instead (messed up the connection in the prev version and actually like it more.. it's not a bug it's a feature..)
- remove bypass switch to be able to blend in the dry signal with the vierring signal instead

1.0 (19-06-2022)
- initial upload

Based on the R6 version with init fixes:


Ben Stohr
1 week ago
How do I get the audio file? It says it is missing it on startup.
x x
2 weeks ago
pretty cool, i literally -> =0 as i activate the live thats awesome ! i dont play much with reaktor...hidden stuff to explore ! thx for this nice tool
1 month ago
1 month ago
Thanks Paul.