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Digilogix uRack FX v1.2

80's Inspired 'Micro Rack' Effects

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1.2 (Updated 1 month ago)
June 30, 2022
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


uRack FX (Digilogix Series).

Inspired by the tape looping experiments of Eno and Fripp in the 70's, where long delays (with gradually decaying repeats) would be achieved using a dual tape reel setup (typically using Revox A77's). The first side of 'Evening Star' features lovely examples of this technique.

The ENO-4001 gives the user long delay times (up to 30 seconds) with visual feedback of loop length (handy when creating new loops or overdubbing). The wear control affects multiple parameters... set to default it adds subtle wow, flutter, filtering and saturation to the decaying repeats.

The Rec switch enables recording to the delay buffer... handy for practicing overdubs before committing 'to tape'.

I've been using a version of this device for a while now with my guitar, so it was just a case of designing a UI that fits with the uRack theme I have gone for with this suite of effects.

I have found the loop length indicator to be really helpful.

Hope you enjoy using it!

Inspired by the 80's variable sample rate delays. I own a few different types of these units, so have taken my favorite features and combined them into the EDD-3001 Variable Rate Delay.

Multiple features including modulation, feedback path filtering, infinite repeats ('Hold') and sample rate adjustment for extra long delays ('Factor').

Using the Hold function and adjusting Factor you can also get really nice 'PrimeTime' style octave (and fifth!) shift effects.

The first set of a series of 'uRack' effects devices inspired by the 80's Boss 1/2 rack units.

The intent for these devices was to create a wide range of effects that could be nicely integrated with other ensembles, and also used alone or together to build a suite of Reaktor Effects with similar dimensions, GUI's and simplified control schemes.

These devices are taken mostly from the (excellent) NI library FX section, with edits/changes to parameters and other upgrades to make them work nicely in a 'rack' type setup.

I also added Delay hold function (very 80's!) and a hold function on the Reverb.


- There will be another 5 '80's' inspired devices developed, focusing on 'tonal/insert' effects (EQ, compression, distortion etc.). These will complete the 80's range.

- There will also be a 70's inspired and 90's/00's inspired range of devices coming up.

- All these devices were originally developed for an x0x drum machine I have been working on, but found they were more useful as independent devices.


Stephen Reid
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the kind comments... gives me inspiration to finish off the next batch for this collection (working on these is fun!). 'I hunted around but didnt find any pitch inputs.. I thought that was a big feature on some of these'... not quite sure what you mean Ryan... do you mean the external modulation inputs? If so these could be added.
Ryan Dean
3 weeks ago
Wow impressive work with those knob/display combos.. the precision is really nice. I hunted around but didnt find any pitch inputs.. I thought that was a big feature on some of these
3 weeks ago
Besides how utterly amazing these effects are, if you actually made an x0x inspired ensemble I would be so incredibly stoked. I already use your tape mate effect on pretty much everything.
Midhat-Ibrahim Memija
4 weeks ago
Mr Reid, this is stellar. Thank you very much for putting your efforts into this! I am really excited for the 90's/00's devices that you have announced.
Stephen Reid
1 month ago
Thanks Tico, glad you like them! Check out the new Delay (EDD-3001) in v1.1. There is some other stuff coming along as well nearly done (Compressor done just needs UI).
Ticco Ross
1 month ago
this is amazing, so good!