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Brass articulations, free jazz for robots

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July 28, 2022
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Puck is based on a technique i discovered by (happy) accident. I was messing with two LFOs each modulating the phase of the other in order to get more interesting, chaotic modulations for synth parameters, adding two identical 4 poles low pass filter in the (cross)feedback path to tame the chaos when i noticed that the result was creating harmonics so high they reached audio rate. I also discovered i can tune the sound by tuning the filters cutoff, shape it with the filters resonance and create different articulations with the lfo's frequencies. I then tried the technique on various platforms to see if it was consistent, on the orthogonal devices er-301 sound computer and on max\msp, results were consistent and reproduceable. i then added some more controls and that's it. Move 1 and 2 are the two lfo frequencies, tweak them for different articulations. Phm1 and 2 are modulation indices, you need them pretty high for the harmonics to form. Tune is filter cutoff and instrument tuning, Q is filter resonance and sound shaping. You then have an ADSR env gen to shape the amplitude of the instrument or you can switch to drone mode with the button. the other controls are still experimental, i added an hp filter to avoid dc-offsets and low frequency muddiness, then a delay and a saturator for extra sound shaping.


giona francesco arturo vinti
5 months ago
hello Einmeier, yes i agree with you, it still is very very rough, needs further exploration and fine tuning, i don't know if i have the necessary skills to make further steps, but i'll try. if anyone wants to contribute with ideas and suggestions, or fork their own version, you are very welcome!! thanks for trying it out!
Der Einmeier
5 months ago
It looks very inconspicuous, but has a very peculiar (in a good sense!) sound: There is probably a lot of potential in it, I would be happy if you continue to work on it and find more possibilities for the sound design?
giona francesco arturo vinti
6 months ago
thanks Guillaume, this is an interesting idea, have to do some tests!
Guillaume Richard
6 months ago
very very cool!:) thank you! this idea needs further exploration I feel. and maybe a polyphonic (every note with its own wobble) version.