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String propagation disturbance simulator.

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September 18, 2022
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Update: Maintained the GUI (fixed shadow sizing and positioning) to straighten things out a bit. Lowpass and allpass pitch compensation algorithms now draw from a small table of measured ear-tested values. Still pretty wonky but it'll do the trick.

I've forgotten to credit the FFT noise generator, which was created by Jan Brahler. Sorry about that.


Buzzzz came about from a Karplus-strong technique I found by happy accident. I added a 'Mirror 2 Levels' module in the delay chain to simulate 2 walls perturbing the reflection of the string, thus simulating a 'string buzzing' effect. The 'Mirror 2 Levels' module can be used on its own as a wavefolder, the more you know I guess.

Buzzzz isn't nearly as ambitious as the other ensembles I've made, forgive me for that. This is just a test ensemble to show you the module's capability in a situation like this.

Have fun! Created by Mvshmvsik or u/marshmosaic on Reddit.


Rulgert Ghostalker
3 months ago
i generally don't download the "end all" synths...too many controls on those...i have my end all plugins, FM8 and such, and would rather simple well crafted instruments with a purposeful angle...Thanks, i will give it i try when i have the time.
andrew aronson
3 months ago
yeah dude! i was looking around inside today, you're using that FFT noise generator an easy way to get body/cavity resonance simulation is to shape the spectrum of that noise! different instrument sounds can be stored in tables
mv audioware (mvshmusik)
3 months ago
ahahah, thanks andrew! it's great to hear that you like it
andrew aronson
3 months ago
wow! those folded tones are actually incredible!! you have been served an honorary recruitment into 'team little tricks that pull above their weight'