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Behringer - Crave: Semi-Modular synth, 3340 VCO.

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Version 1 (Updated 4 months ago)
September 27, 2022
Reaktor 6


This demo is the result of my first approach to using Rekordbox in Primary Mode. Working on such a project for the first time was very fascinating and educational.

Behringer Crave is a Semi-Modular synth with the 3340 VCO, A Classic Ladder Filter that also simulates the filter on the Moog mother 32. 32-Step Sequencer and a 16-Voice Poly Chain.

Because of my lack of experience with the software, the synthesiser patch bay is quite unstable, as are some parts of the software.

My idea is for this project to be open to everyone and for it to be updated with time thanks to your knowledge, giving credit to everyone who slowly helps to improve it and bring it to perfection.

I leave my email address above to contact me:




3 months ago
Notommy, that's not rarely during devs.
Petty Vendetta
3 months ago
Fun ENS. Crashed while I was making a bank of patches for you, tho.
4 months ago
You can't save on board FPP in snapshots. Please use the system by salamanderanagram we used in MS-20. It's snapshot saveable.
Kirill Guk
4 months ago
Nice , i hope patch cabels will be work in future ? Now it looks like Crave only outwardly))) but not in sound!
Andres Villarroya
4 months ago
Very good project initiative!