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VHS Audio Degradation Suite (Maschine + adapted)

Maschine + mod of James Peck's VHS Audio Degredation Suite

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1.12 (Updated 3 months ago)
October 24, 2022
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


Pop it right into User Content/Reaktor/Ensembles on your SD card and load it up as an effect to use it on Maschine+. Requires full version of Reaktor 6.

All the work behind this is by James Peck, check out his other ensembles in here. This is simply an adaptation to make it recognizable and controllable in standalone mode.

Original ensemble:


Eric Stradinger
2 weeks ago
This sounds killer! Will this work outside Maschine?
Ryan Liau
3 weeks ago
2 months ago
If this is not enough. There is by Kristian Thom a 17 years old noise toy in a bundel here:
Lester Rojas
2 months ago
Nikolay Pischeyko
2 months ago
Bro! You are the best!!!
BoUmcLaP Cubi
3 months ago
Thanx mate !
Jonathan Tremblay
3 months ago
Nice! Makes me wish I had a Maschine+
3 months ago
Machine users will rarely stray here, will they?
Blezz Beats
3 months ago
@Paule Did not no
3 months ago
Do you leave this comment at M+ in the forum?
Blezz Beats
3 months ago
@Phil Price Maschine +, to run it in standalone
Phil Price
3 months ago
What does M+ imply?