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Drone box

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2.3 (Updated 3 weeks ago)
November 05, 2022
Reaktor 6


Version 2.3: Added tempo sync to the LFO's. Click the LED indicator for each LFO to activate tempo sync.


-Two wavetable oscillators. Each with 84 selectable waves and octave, semitone and fine tune control.
- Bitcrusher (affecting both Oscillators).
- Two distortion controls (gain). One for each filter. Can be set to be pre- or post- filter in the bottom menu.
- Two LP filters. One for each oscillator. Filter slope 12db/oct <-> 24db/oct switches available in the bottom menu.
- Three LFO's (one for each filter and one for the output amp) with Amplitude, Frequency (rate) Pulse Width and Wave Select control. Wave select options: 1) Sine 2) Triangle 3) Pulse and 4) Random.
Each LFO is syncable to tempo by clicking the LFO LED.
- Cross fade/mix control between the two post-filter signals from the oscillators.
- Chorus effect with on/off button, delay, depth and rate control.
- Master volume control.
- Randomizer button. Randomizes all controls except Master Volume.

Info and descriptions of every control are available with 'Show Info Hints'.

Many credits and thank yous to the great Bolabo a.k.a. David X, for rebuilding the oscillators. You should totally check out his amazing work on



Willie Lewis
2 weeks ago
Love this synth, thank you!! I did change the semitone step size to 0 and increase the min/max range to give it a Lyra 8-ish feel with pitch rather than locking the steps to semitones. Saved both versions. Throw a little reverb on this and you have a film score.
3 weeks ago
Version 2.3: Each LFO has tempo sync. Click the LFO indicator LED to activate (a circle appears around the LED and the sync rate is displayed next to the Frequency knob.
Joe Lyford
1 month ago
This is so much fun! Thank you!!!!
lesly remy
2 months ago
Meant to give this five stars. I rarely comment on ensembles but this thing is a beast! Thank you!
Dieter Zobel
2 months ago
cool. thanks
Klas Linder
2 months ago
I've used this one in plenty of my videos, here's an example, in the beginning!
2 months ago
Really have been enjoying the dev process with this one, the clarity of the different elements are really popping now, without losing the rude and crude WT beastliness the first test hinted at. Seems to get greater subtleties when used for more minimal ambient textures now. I knew this was gonna be great! Hey, I appreciate the rando blaster, only it's always nice to be able to dial the amount of randomness down for subtle nudges to the sound, or way up when one wishes to truly jettison. The results have been superb regardless; ty for sharing!
2 months ago
You're back again, Peter? That's really fine by you.