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synth with modulation matrix

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1.0 (Updated 17 years ago)
August 28, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


the river 'weser' is not far from where i live, and also not far from the river 'ems'.

its not an emulation of any vintage gear, just a synth with a modulation matrix.

good for random/chaotic noise and atmos, but 'normal', keyboard-playable sounds are also possible.


David Waldman
14 years ago
mini synthi yes indeed
michael uman
18 years ago
i've downloaded many of martins instruments and everyone has been an inspiration or has helped me create sounds that have ended up in my more recent tracks.Awesome! More more more please..
pierre-andre soulier
18 years ago
good sounds! thanx
Kimmo Kivelä
18 years ago
Great. Very tangible, at least to say. Works as an instrument but can be used as effect too. I wish it could be stereo... but it is very beautiful the way it is. WOW!
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
in terms of a vast range of ideas, and innovations, martin brinkmann is THE Reaktor builder. if you are new to reaktor, look at his uploads you will learn a lot. you have been missed martin.
Cliff Douse
18 years ago
Very original! :-)
Zip Boterbloem
18 years ago
I've been thinking of doing a Synthi AKS emulation myself... But implementing the mod matrix was a bit too much. And I didn't have a G5 then. This machine like fast computers. Brilliant!
Dieter Zobel
18 years ago
Heavy Weser...
18 years ago
nice patches! thanks
Kevin Hopper
18 years ago
Wow! This is a helluva noisy experimental synth monster! Welcome back, by the way - your contributions were missed!
Lutz Böhringer
18 years ago
Wo Werra uns Fulda sich küssen... THX
Bodo Kuznik
18 years ago
Hi,Martin I live near the river "ems" ! 500 meters from my Homestudio ! Thanks for share it. Greetings from