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analog drum-synth, specialised in bassdrum-sounds

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1.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
August 28, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


its from the ensemble "daHolyDrums" by kai
lippert and me, which has disappeared from
the library + some small adjustments for r4.

snapshots by kai lippert and me


Thiago Kanan
4 years ago
Don't know how come everyone is going on about this ensemble, i found pretty average. But thanks for the upload anyway
clau migue
5 years ago
10 years ago
Intéressant! Merci
12 years ago
This makes quite a variety of electronic kicks so well done...
Richard Bull
12 years ago
Very cool. Easy to use and great sounding!
Terone Bullock
13 years ago
I like this one very cool
ian ainslie
13 years ago
Couldn't be better. Ice-cool Bassdrum's to go!!
Christopher Soulos
14 years ago
Hi, I love it. I have a Jomox. I put the Compressor after this before the output so I can use it on my cubase Projects. Cool As
Eduardo Acosta
15 years ago
Great sounds. Looking forward to using this synth. Than you.
David Bowes
16 years ago
this is exactly what id been looking for ages.but unfortunatley i find its just to thin.i feel like im remixing the same sound over and lacks the tools needed to really come up with fresh stuff.
16 years ago
A simple way to get very good bass drum and electronic percussion sounds. Thanks a lot for this .ens.
Heath Rezabek
17 years ago
the punch of these beats is actually quite alarming... just as they should be! simply adding my note to anyone wavering on whether or not to try out this gem. these beats are startling, truly blink-worthy. :)
gianni masoch
17 years ago
killer kicks!!!
Colin-Patrick Charles
18 years ago
Quite wicked ens here sir. Makes writing jungle devilishly enjoyable.
Artur Nowak
19 years ago
Al Watson
19 years ago
killer kiks with a bit of tweekage. glory!
Thomas Watson
19 years ago
"Phat" kicks galore! Merits some in depth tweaking.