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multi effect with resonators delays etc.

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1.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
June 03, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


...and eg,lfo,sequencer and xy-pad for modulating
various parameters.


Colin Consterdine
14 years ago
Another great device
Victor Kerzl
17 years ago
nice one! dubbin it!
17 years ago
lots of hidden functions in this one--for example, snap 8 turns kick drum parts into very cool sub-basslines.
Victor Kerzl
17 years ago
real fun! dubomatic maschine
Dave O Mahony
18 years ago
Thank you Martin - fantastic Effect!
Martin Feigel
18 years ago
great! rocks with ableton live as fx insert
GG.G SakabeaT
19 years ago
one of my favorite,a wonderfull fx!!!!try the R3 version too,if i remember it's alittle different.........
Sinisa Jagarinec
19 years ago
cool interface, tasty beat selection!
Toki Takumi
19 years ago
Rolf Schmuck
19 years ago
great ensemble (as always, martin). will get the "more white (wires) than black (background) award".