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Modular Moron Soundz

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1.1 (Updated 13 years ago)
September 20, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


3 free running Osci's attached to 3 LFO's modding each other via 'r' hob knobz. Start with the "dee's" then try the "3's" to find the sweet spot. DONT HIT RANDOMIZE that is cheating! Nerding out with an external CC controller is highly encouraged.


ps- grabbed Macros from Classic Modular, one day I would like to start from scratch because these osci's sound nothing like my beloved Nord Modular.


Jon Eriksen
13 years ago
I just really like it, got some great loop material from it first time I used it. Thanks for the upload!
13 years ago
Maybe a simple allpass filter with 4 or 8 stages being added as a soft phaser. Thank you for uploading.
ant stewart
13 years ago
I like the sound very much, great use of filters. You could try adding some delays and phasers if you want to
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
nice upload :-) maybe for an update you couls add 3 panners for the individual sounds???and as Peter says StereoDigitalRandomNoiseSource v0.1 by Alexander Potekhin (Lazyfish) is well worth looking at.
Peter Dines
13 years ago
This is interesting - I like freeform self-modulating oddities. If you haven't checked out SteroDigitalRandomNoiseSource in the user library, do it now. It's a similar idea taken to logical extremes, with one big XY pad as a control. Careful of your ears though. It's loud. Also, try using the core oscillators, which have better anti-aliasing, and Robin Davies' fully bandlimited oscillators. They have better sound quality, which you notice in this type of patch.