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Ballistic ENV

Adjust impulse, angle, gravity ... and shoot

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2.1 (Updated 15 years ago)
January 01, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


This instrument demonstrates the use of a new ballistic envolvent core cell.

Added shoot and impact noises (simplistic).
Note On acts as trigger and sound remains till projectile impacts floor.
Changing parameters now does not affect sound till a new Note On is received.


7 years ago
This (and the corresponding 'tutorialV2' ensemble) are incredibly informative. I hope to implement a version of this behavior into one of my current ensembles. Thank you!
Ignasi Alvarez Garriga
15 years ago
Thanks Aaron for your comment.
Aaron Zimmermann
15 years ago
very interesting! things like this are what make reaktor so cool. thanks.
Ignasi Alvarez Garriga
15 years ago
Thanks paul for your comment.
paul chauncy
15 years ago
Ah - this looks interesting...thanks