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cc-control ensembles for 13 hardware instruments/devices

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1.4 (Updated 2 years ago)
January 05, 2015
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


Lxr (easy)
M-Brane 1.1
Mssiah Bassline
Mssiah Drummer
Mssiah MonoSynthesizer
Volca Bass
Volca Beats
Volca Drum
Volca Keys
Volca Sample

13 rough ensembles to control CC parameters of 13 hardware instruments. All ensembles control all CCs available except LXR Easy which exploits 14 parameters per section for easy mixing & gainstaging with one single layout and Volca Sample with "chromatic" mode added.

Please refer to the included txt for additional infos.

My first upload, any opinion is truly appreciated :)

- 1.0 release
- updated to 1.1 including LXR Easy and Volca Bass
(thanx to Kim Joris Boström for his NRPN ensembles)
- updated to 1.2 including JP-08
- updated to 1.3 including SE-02
- updated to 1.4 including Volca Drum and Volca Sample (with "chromatic" mode)


Vaughn Stegeman
1 year ago
OOOOOHH! Interesting ... I'm strongly considering buying a Volca Sample this weekend.
Philipp Straehl
6 years ago
that's funny, the last few days I was building something similar. Thank you very much, there sure are many things I can use.
Carlo Del Prato
6 years ago
thanx Andrew!
andrew aronson
6 years ago
so, hey. i was clicking around, getting really frustrated because i was having a bear of a time trying to get a midi signal through this little control macro i was building for my volca. so i'm clicking around for an ensemble to show me the basic routing and click on yours and hot dang! if it isnt just everything i am looking for + more! so hey... i like you.