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Selector Osc 3.0

10-Ramp Drawable Waveform + FM + RM + ShapeMod + Filter + FX

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3.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
February 28, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


I took my old Selector Multi-Ramp FM ensemble and beefed it all to hell.

Old version can be downloaded here -->

For 3.0 I have added:
An interface!
Another modulation type (RM).
3 LFOs + a Vibrato module.
Filter with many filter types to choose from + 3 lfo inputs.

Created ADSR envelopes for the following:
Shape modulator's detune/spread
FM's amount AND fm's detune/spread
RM's depth mod
Filter's depth/env mod

The ensemble now includes a phaser/flanger and a nice little reverb.

The waveform can be drawn either by using your mouse on the wave constructor's display or by using the knobs underneath it.

The 3 lfo inputs in the Filter section allow you to determine how much of each lfo's signal will be allowed in and what math processes they will be subjected to before affecting the filter. Each lfo input can be set to "x"(no change) "-x"(inverted) "rect"(rectified) or -rect(inverted rectified).
The two parameters they can effect are the filter's cutoff frequency and the filter's envelope depth.
The knob "LFO>CUT" and "LFO>ENV" make the final determination as to how much those two parameters will be modified by the LFOs.

The shape mod section allows you to modulate the values of the wave constructor in a manner similar to how both FM and RM modulate their carriers. The shape mod modulates the values from the constructor at rates that match pitch intervals of the note you are playing, thus wobbling the shape's 10 values cohesively which creates new character/timbre.

I may update this at a later time, not sure... but its definitely time to take this baby outta the back yard and see what you all
can do with it.

Don't hesitate to post your pros/cons or just straight up sh** on my face. Lemme know how it works for ya.


Sven Kretzschmar
2 years ago
Danke Thomas, für diesen wunderbaren Synth !!!, sowie auch deine anderen perfekten Synth´s ;-) Perfekt für spacige Pads, Flächen und atmosphärische Soundscapes..genau was ich gesucht hatte. Du sagtest, 3.1 kommt demnächst? Ich bin gespannt ;-) Vielen vielen Dank für deine Kreationen. Mach bitte weiter so.... Viele Grüße Sven ;-)
Thomas Medes
5 years ago
UPDATE [[[whoah]]] i need to overhaul this sucker. the vibrato was being used twice, and the selectors were acting more like 10-sample wide interpolated audio tables rather than what they were supposed to be acting like... which means all the other versions of selector osc are bugged too hahaha.. Look out for 3.1 coming soon!
Thomas Medes
5 years ago
Just so you all know, I REALLY appreciate all the comments and concerns!! Thanks so much! This ensemble needs a serious fix to get the wave constructor working right again, yet you all gave me 5 stars. Holy cow, you all! Thankyou! I just gotta get my ritalin and hammer out this prob! Look forward to Selector Osc 3.1!!
Thomas Medes
5 years ago
crap. im gonna have to jump in there and fix that... thanks for letting me know
R Ben
5 years ago
Same here as in Brett's case: Sounds fine, but the wave constructor doesn't seem to work as it should.
5 years ago
Amazing sounds, thanks for your work. Is the wave constructor working properly? It doesn't seem to be changing the sound for me.
Jonathan Loeb
5 years ago
Really nice. Spectralesque.