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Sekwarium III

very simple step sequencer

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
March 27, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


with MIDI output for using as a VST - instrument
in your DAW or for driving synths in
Reaktor. I think that detailed descriptions are unnecessarily.
Just play with it.

Haben Sie bitte Spass.
didier leboz 2015


Kurt Uenala
5 years ago
Hmmm, the gate length sliders don't seem to function. They just switch note on and off, just like the "activate step" buttons below the sliders.
Matthias Schaffner
5 years ago
Per fact seek van sir! Wear in ice! Soup air tile! :)
John Maher
5 years ago
Very cool
Phil Durrant
5 years ago
this is great for coming up with patterns that you would not normally think of. This will get a lot of use in my music making.
Chris R Gibson
5 years ago
EXTREMELY useful ;-) Thanks didier ;-)
marco vicari
5 years ago
danke schön herr zobel! amazing!
Mary Jean-Philippe
5 years ago
I meet you to see my modifications..... Hope you like that :D
Mary Jean-Philippe
5 years ago
Damn!!you're the best man :D Very useful for me (live performances) maybe some adds are cool: -Pitchbend max value parameter -pitch bend glide mode selector: --1 actual mode --2 attack knob & release knob .... And for the utopia : note & scale assigned.... key by key!!! best regards
Colin Brown
5 years ago
I just uploaded a quick demo and posted to the 'Making music with Reaktor' thread.
Colin Brown
5 years ago
Very nice. Looks good, easy to use. 5 stars.
5 years ago