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MicroBlocks Beta

Smaller Blocks with patching

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0.9 (Updated 5 years ago)
November 17, 2015
Reaktor 6
Other Test Area


Any Block has an input matrix of 8-19 inputs that can be routed to the A & B modulation busses.

- Snap-based MIDI learn
- Microknob

read the pdf included in the file.
while programming snapshots I soon realized the need to update this to 1.0 So there are not so many Snapshots and the manual is very short. I rather spend my time to enhance the structure to provide the comunity with a practical and usable 1.0 release. This upload is primarily for feedback purposes. So it would be great to get any feedback and critisism. There are many shortcomings not the least of which is the intense CPU load.

Please use the following thread in the NI forum to ask any questions and give feedback:



Glyn Darby
5 years ago
Impressive one mate,I kind off like the unpredictable behaviour in it, well done. Cheers Glyn.