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8 OSC Dischord Organ

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November 25, 2015
Reaktor 6


This Ensemble is monophonic but with some magic and chaos is capable of multi-level single note harmonies. Designed to be partially unpredictable and excels at Horror dischords, obscure space noises and Sci-Fi sounds, some wildlfe and lo-fi glitchy dark ambiences.

Its a synth but can also be a gen, there are some patches that have the VCA open so the chaos gens run continously to show this.

8 Monark Oscillators + Filter
Sine Chaos Block feeds the Monark FM
2D Chaos feeds the Sine Chaos Block
SYNC LFO is on the A MOD
Random All + 100 presets
run at 96Hz depending on cpu

on some patches there is a lot going on so the note you play is not always the note you hear every time!
this is normal and don't be surprised if sometimes you can never play the same thing twice...

+ for left/right rythmic panning effects...use VCA Mod B its fed from the SINE CHAOS Block outs
+ the feedback loop is to boost the sound - remove for less powerful but wider stereo sound.
+ spanning the ranges of the oscillators creates really big walls of harmonised sound
+ OSC 1 acts as a macro for the others for Freq + FM

Many thanks to Michael Hetrick's EuroReakt Collection for the Chaos Blocks and Brett Lavalee for the MetaVerb Block


1 year ago
This has to be my favourite of your outputs, Cal. Not for its straightforward use, but because of the great noises that can be obtained from using the randomise button.
Szentpétery Csaba
1 year ago
Good for (dark) ambient!
Jesus Dawaher Bakhos
2 years ago
Do you need Monark to use it?
Martin Géč
3 years ago
Awesome snapshots and ensemble. It's really exciting to see all those great instruments made for Reaktor 6 these days. Quite mind-blowing :-)
3 years ago
Wow that's so cool, I was wondering about the demo, it's really good!
3 years ago
hey Brett. the demo with faster drums is using BulkHead patterns... R.Bar is swapped for Snare Block + clock sped up. cheers!
3 years ago
Very interesting. I like the look and love the sound. Cool feedback technique. I like the way Osc 1 tunes all the others too. The chaos blocks look awesome, by the way. 5 stars from me as usual. Keep at it, Cal!
tim h
3 years ago
spooky! love it :D