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Rhythm Generator

Pseudo-random pattern generator block

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2.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
January 22, 2016
Reaktor 6
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Reaktor 6 Block by E.M.

VERSION 2.0: Complete rework

- Fixed the sequence offset control: it now works as expected, allowing to shift a sequence of +/- 16 clock ticks
- Output gates now have a velocity value determined by the pseudo-random algorithm; channels have a "velocity" control to mix between integer 0-1 gates and the full dynamic range
- Fixed a number of inconsistend behaviours that where caused by the lousy core programming in the original version

- Example ensemble here:
Generates 4 pseudo-random gate patterns of a given length.
Additional signals can be taken from the Logic 1 & 2 outs, and from the Sequence out, which lets you arrange the loops produced by the 4 generators into a larger pattern.

Needs something to be connected to its G (clock) input to work!


2 years ago
@giona: no, I can't say I'm familiar with shift registers... this is just an application of the stock pseudo-random algorithm which you can find as a core macro in the factory library, plus some extra twist of my own :)
giona francesco arturo vinti
2 years ago
hello! is this based on LFSR? a bit like the eurorack module Zorlon Cannon mk2 by the Harvestman?
2 years ago
Hi Greg, thanks! I'm working on the new version, which will include an example ensemble. Stay tuned!
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
This looks great! Love the interface a lot. Is there a way to provide an example on how to hook this up? Would love to play around with it!
2 years ago
Hey Vyd, thanks! It's actually very easy to extract a CV: the pseudo-random algorithm actually is converted into float values before being turned into gates. Anyway I plan a major update on this block to fix some desing issues (I didn't really know very much Core at the time i built this). I'll look forward to include CV outputs as well!
D Vyd
3 years ago
This is an effective and fun rhythm generator. Thank you! Is there a way to use it to generate CV (Velocity) values as well as gate?
pier zeta
4 years ago
Ciao Emanuele, come si carica il plug-in Rhythm generator dentro Reaktor? Grazie
Omar Misa
4 years ago
(slightly ammended)
Omar Misa
4 years ago
Hi Lowe. Your query raises a massive nuisance with FL Studio. Rhythm Generator's gates can be processed by Reaktor's Automation, or MIDI Out Channel Messages modules, to send events to the host. Unfortunately, FL Studio doesn't receive these messages well. The Link to Controller panel offers the option to receive MIDI Port, Channel and Controller # but setting the link has no effect!!!??? FL Plugins or VST plugins with modulation control is able to receive MIDI messages so it is possible to use Reaktor events. i've asked on their forums to add a module for Patcher, to split out MIDI cc messages from an event stream. They haven't responded. i will link this forum page to alert them, once again, to the issue. Here is a screenshot of a structure sending events via both the Automation and MIDI Out modules (highlighted).
4 years ago
Hi! I'm not familiar with FL studio, but since this block outputs audio rate gates you need to convert them to midi messages first. Then you might be able to route these events onto FL faders, but I'm not sure about it :/
Lowe Zwei
4 years ago
Hello! Can I use it to control mixer faders in fl studio? Thanks!