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Multivoice resonating tunned oscillators

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1.7 (Updated 6 years ago)
February 16, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower


1.7 Updates

-Added routable delta calculation (velocity of single LFO oscillators)
-Added Parametric EQ
-Added Compressor
-More routing modulation options
-New sub-oscillator
-More presets

1.6 Updates:

-added 2 routable monophonic LFOs
-added Polyphonic Ring Modulation
-added glide
-pwm now controls wave symmetry of shapes different than pulse
-added cabinet and delay effects
-new presets

Ensemble is set to 24 voices. Reduce if CPU suffers.


1.1 Updates:

-added % and symm features in the LFOs
-new presets
-new gui color scheme
-attention! 1.1 is using 40 voices. Reduce n of voices of the instruments if it kills your CPU, which is likely to happen if you don't have a fast computer...


1.3 Updates:

-wider ranges in some parameters
-added FM for main oscillators
-added random deviation in LFOs
-added stereo randomization per oscillator
-a bunch of new presets
-ensemble is set to 24 voices. Reduce if CPU suffers.


PolyComb allows you to inject a series of tuned oscillators into a series of tuned resonators.

You can design the tuning for the oscillators and the resonators through 3 different strategies:

-predefined scales (chromatic, dorian, pentatonic....)
-user defined scales
-harmonic series

then you can change intervals and fine-tuning of the tonal design, from tonal clusters to mozart-esque chords.

2 multi-voice transversal LFOS modulate several parameters.
LFO1 is fixed to amplitude of the main oscillators
LFO2 can be assigned to pitch and cutoff

A reverb is also featured, taken from somewhere in the UL... i'm sorry i can't find he author!

You can lower or raise the number of voices/oscillators of the instrument, for smaller or bigger tonal clusters, and also for CPU savings. I'm using this instrument with 48 voices in my computer wasting 50% cpu, with nice results for dense textures...

This ensemble is an evolution of my previous OCTAMOD:
Difference is in CPU efficiency and voice based oscillators number...

Have fun!


Artem Moroz
2 years ago
Thank You!!!!
Stephane Seddoh
3 years ago
Instant Ligeti ! brilliant !!!
jace cavacini
4 years ago
Insane CPU usage. Is that just on my machine?
herbert gollini
5 years ago
really, really very, very good!!!!!! one of the best
Brian Horner
6 years ago
uh ... ...W O W... !
Mary Jean-Philippe
6 years ago
Love This!!! Very usual for lots of music style!! Very good concept and conception! YeAh!!!
Justin Browning
6 years ago
Excellent textures, thank you!!
Arjan van Elst
6 years ago
Hello I'm new here and your PolyComp is the first Ensemble I've downloaded. Life is beautiful! Thanks for your great sounding work.
Flex Ion
6 years ago
Wow this thing is getting better and better!
santiago vilanova
6 years ago
hey Nico! it sounds like this:
Nico Steckhan
6 years ago
nice sound, how is your music ?
santiago vilanova
6 years ago
Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you enjoy this... would love to hear what you do with this, if it's possible to do something with it, which i'm not sure... :-D
Oskar Sigurdsson
6 years ago
Ohh yeah! :D
Ng Mui
6 years ago
It wouldn't post my heart after the "equals" sign, in case you wonder what that was supposed to be.
Ng Mui
6 years ago
All your work is amazing thanks for sharing all those goodies! OCTAMOD & Polycomb =
Paul Weber
6 years ago
Hola amic! Excellent treball...m'encanta!!
Emm@ Em
6 years ago
Impressive, Thank you. :-)
Felix Petrescu
6 years ago
very very cool:) thanks!
rick scott
6 years ago
Great sounds, very nice! :-)