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Euclidean Sequencer with built-in accents

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1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
March 19, 2016
Reaktor 6


This block provides a quick and easy way to create Euclidean sequences. In addition, you can create accents within those sequences that also follow Euclidean patterns. This block was first proposed in the following forum thread:

This upload contains three files

SA-107A and SA-107B are slightly different versions of the same block. SA-107A treats many of the knobs as density percentages, while SA-107B treats those same knobs as simply values between 0 and 32.

In addition, there is an example ensemble showing a simple setup. The example file was adapted from another one of the Euclidean uploads on the User Library, I believe it was originally by Martin Wood-Mitrovski.

2016 by salamanderanagram


Cameron McGee
2 years ago
I tried to download this and was given a .rar file. I think it's because I am on a mac maybe but it just opens in VLC as an audio file. Any other download versions you could share?
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
I can't figure out how to use just MIDI out from this to drive another synth in my DAW (Bitwig). Inline, it doesn't seem to send MIDI out in the same way as other Reaktor devices and note receiver is not able to retrieve MIDI from the device either. Any tips for this? Would love to use this! Sounds amazing... Thanks.
3 years ago
whaoo ! marvellous thx a lot
joseph perkins
4 years ago
Could someone please explain how i could add Nadine's change snapshot with note to this?
4 years ago
Great !
4 years ago
This is brilliant! Really love it and using it a lot so thanks for sharing this gem with us ;)
Nadine @ NI
4 years ago
Very Nice!!
Timothy Bruzon
4 years ago
Nice one! thanks
neil rosson
4 years ago
very cool, i like very much this type of sequencer. Great development from the others we had. Would be nice if somehow it could generate pitch save hooking up another sequencer.
Omar Misa
4 years ago
Beautiful! …and other superlatives!
Woody Poulard
4 years ago
Nice one! much more control than the current one im using! This is what I was going for in my attempt
Emm@ Em
4 years ago
Thanks Don. :-) Love your work.
Brett Lavallee
4 years ago
Cool, thanks!