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Recording and playback buffer

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Colugo _
1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
April 10, 2016
Reaktor 6
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Allows you to record and playback up to 4 input signals. You can record event data or audio, MemPlane doesn't care.


Claude S.
6 months ago
I really like this block! What could I do so the default speed position is 50% of the pitch?? Anyone?
Joseph Guisti
2 years ago
svemir djikanovic
2 years ago
Great block! Would be nice if the buffer is a bit larger so it can be synced with slower BPMs. Currently it can be reset on 16/4 in 92BPM, it would be nice if it can go down to 70BPM, or 80 at least. (D vyd: just plug clock reset into block reset)
D Vyd
2 years ago
This block is useful and well designed. Is there a way to make the read speed easily match the write speed or to have a speed that matches a clock input? I never can seem to get the read speed to match the original speed.
Aaron Zimmermann
3 years ago
I grabbed this block and threw it into an ensemble without checking the examples. Then I went back and checked the event example, thinking .. "oh this could be interesting"... only to have my mind blown. I was thinking about messing with modulation data or something, and you slapped me in the face with a gentle reminder of how creative one can get with blocks. Love this!!!
Worwell _
4 years ago
This looks great but I have no idea how it works. Can anyone explain?
steinar raanaa
4 years ago
thank you :)
4 years ago
Thank you, amazing work.
makoz ~
4 years ago
please make a great buffer goddddd
makoz ~
4 years ago
ill say it again craziest builder around, unique stuff THATS WHAT Reaktor6 needs :)
Felix Petrescu
4 years ago
colugo:) this is gamechanging device!:) thank you! mindblown. is there any chance for a multi-head(s) version of this? (manipulating the heads diffrently).