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Patchbay 96x

A Monark synth with front panel patching

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0.9 (Updated 4 years ago)
April 21, 2016
Reaktor 6


This is my attempt to create a system for easy front-panel patching in Blocks.

Outputs are yellow, inputs are orange. To create a connection, left-click on a send (yellow square), then left-click on the desired receiver (orange square). To delete a connection, right click on the receiver.

I am open to any suggestions to make the interface less cluttered and easy to follow.

This upload is an example file of the patchbay configured to a simple Monark-based setup. I'm still tweaking the final patchbay, which can be re-configured to any setup with 16 or less Blocks, and a total of 96 inputs/outputs. When I'm done I will upload it to I will also upload a video explaining how to configure it to a new setup (pretty easy, no programming required!).

Until then, if you can reverse-engineer how this works feel free to use it in your own User Library projects.

2016 by salamanderanagram


Matt Cellitti
4 years ago
Very promising...would love to see further development
Martin Géč
4 years ago
Great stuff, thanks!
4 years ago
hi matthew, you can absolutely configure it that way with, just need to rename some ports and you're set to go! the problem is space, more than anything else. originally i planned for 8 ins/outs per block.
Matthew Friedrichs
4 years ago
Absolutely necessary for making truly modular ensembles! Having a few at the beginning or end with 8 or 10 ins/outs may be a good idea, but 6 seems to be the magic number for most blocks in the library.
4 years ago
hi christian, i'm not sure exactly what you mean, but you can e-mail me at salamanderanagram at gmail if you want to have a discussion in a more convienent locale.
jason corder
4 years ago
thank you for this - game changer!! i was hoping NI was going to implement something similar as a native part of reaktor 6's gui... but this is certainly the next best thing!
Christian Schneider
4 years ago
That looks really cool - will test it tonight!! Btw. - would you consider doing a patchbay with adjustable intensities that could be controlled completely via a hardware like Maschine? I'm thinking about that for months, but unfortunately neither my Reaktor skills nor my time are sufficient enough to do it myself. So, could this be something that's interesting for ADSR?
4 years ago
Oh I see, the description has been updated accordingly, that was just a typo, thanks for point it out ;)
4 years ago
Hi John, are you right-clicking the orange square? And are you using the mouse? I am using Windows X with no problems.
John Wise
4 years ago
On my Surface Book w/ Windows 10 I have to left click yellow and orange to make a connection, right click after left isn't working.
Colugo _
4 years ago
amazing work