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  1. Bistro Boy
    Bistro Boy
    Music Beyond Borders
  2. Charles Wah
    Charles Wah
    patiently waiting for the new TP3 [hopefully (fingers crossed while praying to dj Gods)] w/premium streaming option like Spotify/Deezer!
  3. DJEndo
    DJEndo Friedemann @ NI
    Hey Friedemann, I saw your thread about the S4 test units. If you still have one you want to send out, let me know. Otherwise I'm sure the office will send me one as soon as they can. Thanks and loving the new update!
  4. Kristian Hilgert
    Kristian Hilgert Karlos Santos
    Hello Mr. Karlos Yesterday you closed a threat with the advice that more we can get more informations in other post. I would love to see 1 to 3 links to that posts. Because i could not find them. Thanks for your help. Best regards from germany.
    1. Karlos Santos
      Sep 14, 2018
  5. thrry
    thrry alza
    Hi ! I've read your post about a possible future of Traktor and I was wondering if you where NI Product Owner before ou after this post :-)
  6. giamma
    DJ Giamma
  7. Rocci Sacred
    Rocci Sacred
    Making Kontakt Ukulele
  8. DjCacho
    I think all the messages are answered. Thanks for your patience.
  9. afshin
    afshin kissaprofeetta
    Hello :)
    I want to use next on windows but im getting the error of cant find track collection and it ask me to brows to the file but then nothing happens ! Do you have any idea how can i fix it ? Thank you :)
  10. purofuegodigital
    purofuegodigital OhulahanBass
    I really want that custom wood stand for the soon and how much?
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    2. OhulahanBass
      I can fab you one and send by Monday (or 4 days after order). You'll have your choice of wood and design. I have Walnut, Cherry and Maple. For $20 more you choose Sinker Cypress or Purple Heart. However, the price is $120 + shipping.

      The price is a bit up there but these take time and I use rare wood.
      Sep 6, 2018
    3. purofuegodigital
      Send me your paypal email. I'll try one!

      Also, I'm thinking to go mac mini or mini itx i5 8600k(RME Pcie card spdif to tascam uh7000 aes), will you attempt a fabrication for either of these as well? Thanks! I could probably sell lots of these(Maschine MK3, MPC Live, MPC X, Softtube Console 1, etc.). Want to get ready for NAMM 2019?
      Sep 17, 2018 at 9:53 PM
  11. Guido Choi
    Guido Choi DjCacho
    Hey, thank for your efforts regarding the Midisript for the mcx8000. it would be awesome if you could send it to me too..
    Looking forward to hear from you!:)

    Kind regards,
  12. dogs25
    I'm so... Noob!!
  13. sagno
  14. Pitsta
    House is such a feeling!
  15. guitarsuxxx
    I'm Chris. I like music and computers and art and stuff
  16. Jason tierney
    Jason tierney DjCacho
    Hi djcacho please could you send me on the latest mapping for tracktor file for the mcx80000 my email is. thank you.
  17. Miguel gt
    Miguel gt DjCacho
    hi DjCacho, I would like to get the mapping of the Denon MCX8000 for Traktor, and if possible the last one that you have echo please, I pass my email:
  18. just1n
    Me and mk1 fkd again. We have about what?...a couple thousand unfinished project babies
  19. Nii-Teiko
  20. Johnnie Cleveland
    Johnnie Cleveland
    I do composition, production, mixing & mastering, marketing, and consultations. Get in touch with me at