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  1. kaysi
  2. Frero
    Frero Deejay Chris White

    hast du eine Lösung für das Problem mit der Ausgabe deines Audiosignals gefunden? Traktor mit CDJs und der Sound kommt nur über einen Kanal am Mixer??
  3. Khalil Anderson
    Khalil Anderson
    trying to license transfer..
  4. rossni
  5. luneytunes
  6. cevallos cevallos
    cevallos cevallos Anton @ NI
    Buenos días necesito saber si abra alguna actualización del mixer traktor z2 este año ya que lleva muchos años sin haber otro modelo y segunda pregunta si compro un z2 en este momento en ecuador me viene con traktor 3, acaso tengo que comprar la licencia aparte porque actualmente uso licencia de kit traktor scratch y tengo también un S8 con licencia
  7. cevallos cevallos
    cevallos cevallos
    Alguien sabe si saldra una nueva version de mixer traktor z2
  8. AMD91
    AMD91 jbuonacc
    baiatulcuchitara[at] - any Komplete 10-11-12 with or without ULTIMATE licenses available?
  9. willieraylewis
  10. willieraylewis
    willieraylewis Jonathan Tremblay
    Hi Jonathan,

    I was working with your MODULATION block from the user library. Is there any way to record the motions with a midi cc controller (or block, like Macro Knobs for example)? I was able to move the faders with the mouse and record, but when I assigned midi cc's to the faders they didn't record the motions. Thanks for your help!

    1. Jonathan Tremblay
      Jonathan Tremblay
      Try MIDI CC on the B-view knobs ;)
      May 11, 2019
  11. Matt Bob
    Matt Bob
    You gonna eat that?
  12. Tukks11
    Tukks11 BigIzzy
  13. DeeJayJukeboxx
    MacBook Pro Touch Bar, 2TB SSD, 16GB Ram, Mojave, Cubase 10, Ableton Live, Traktor PRO 3, DasLight 4, Resolume Arena 6, UAD Apollo 8p
  14. rhbmcse
    Pissed off with the level of technology getting in the way of my creative process rather than enhancing it.
  15. JayPatrol
    Always learning
  16. Ultrawave
    Ultrawave mykejb
    Are any of the expansions you listed for sale back in 2018 still available?
  17. Ultrawave
    Ultrawave DeliGotBeats
    Are any of the expansions you have for sale still available?
  18. Ultrawave
    Ultrawave Bruce777
    Are any of the expansions you listed for sale back in 2018 still available?
  19. Kevin Körner
    Kevin Körner
    PLAY LOUD! (^_^)
  20. SK FRSH
    SK FRSH Vangelis @ NI
    Maschine 2 Full installer not showing up in NA only an update 2.8.1 275mb. Ive tried numerous tech support tickets and i haven't gotten any help. I don't know what else to do. I need help