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  1. Lucabogani
    Lucabogani DjCacho
    Good morning.
    I am a very happy user of Denon mc6000
    I decided to buy a denon mcx8000 and I would like to continue using traktor with windows 10 pro.
    I read that there are special maps.
    where do i find them?
  2. SluggishDruggish
    9 mile skid on a 10 mile ride
  3. Nitebloom
  4. shahab
  5. 3kbeatz
    3kbeatz Kai @ NI
    Hello, just signed up to be a Maschine beta tester but have not received an approval yet.
  6. jololo
    Hola a todxs! apasionado de la música, la tecnología y la distribución!
  7. Triggerz Nanomatic
    Triggerz Nanomatic
    NI Product Owner
  8. TheOneChamp
    TheOneChamp Braz
    Hey there interested in the conant gardens and true school. Are they available still?
  9. Bonus Beats
    Bonus Beats Kai @ NI
    Hello I used to be on beta and would like to continue
  10. Chris Gibbs
    Chris Gibbs
    Product Owner
  11. mickeyl
  12. AL’DREAD
    AL’DREAD Stormchild
    Hi , I noticed over at gear slutz
    You have a system 8 ,
    Was wondering if you were interested in buying some of the plugouts, I have an account with the following
    System 1 , sh101, sh2 , promars
    Open to offers as I only use them with my Mac and they don’t look like there going to get updates anymore ,
    Or a trade if you have some plugins you want to get rid of.
    1. Stormchild
      Hi…thanks for the offer. I use Roland Cloud, so I don't need to buy the plugouts. As you said, it doesn't appear the individually sold versions will be updated anymore. Also, after trying several plugouts, I ended up sticking with the default Jupiter-8, Juno-106, and JX-3P. The mono synth emulations are all very good, but they seem like a waste of the System-8, so I just run them as plugins.
      Sep 2, 2019
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    2. AL’DREAD
      Cool , I’d have signed up to the cloud , but Roland kinda annoyed me , they said they’d do a deal for the owners of the original, but it never emerged, it’s still on the faq’s
      Lol , if I don’t get rid on them , I think I’ll try a grab me a system 1m or 4 :) off eBay and just have them as dedicated plug out synths .
      Tho I’d love a system 8 , don’t think I’ll lay out that much cash on a synth anymore
      Sep 2, 2019
  13. Brian Mendenhall
  14. sonarmaster
  15. grover723
    grover723 Toby @ NI
    Hi, Tobi. Replying to your kind offer to pm you about the beta sign-up (in the Mikro MK3 thread).

    Confused about the beta’s on offer at centercode. Maschine beta sounds right, but it requires to NOT have a Maschine Hardware. Native Access beta doesn‘t sound like it’s related to hardware. Is this the one that’ll let me test CE support for Mikro?

    My email:

    Frank Gerlach (grover723)
  16. BlvckRash
    Hey, I just got the "Glitch Hero" VST and when I add it to Kontakt 6's library it does not show up. anyone can help me with this?
  17. New Loops
    New Loops
  18. Gary Usinger
    Gary Usinger
    Komplete S61 mk2. Ableton Live 10.1, Push 2, MPC 40 mk2, Circuit, Montage, Korg Pa4X
  19. ™HC
    ™HC Hoofz
    I developed Straylight together with Native Instruments and like to know more about the UI performance problem in Cubase.
    First of all, are you sure that the performance in Cubase 10 is different in comparison to Cubase 9.5 ?
    Did something else change in your setup except the Cubase version ?
    I would really appreciate your help.


  20. CrewOpps
    Pleased he has ears.