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New Profile Posts

  1. DJ Bluebird
    DJ Bluebird
    Issues with S4 MK3 Crashing or not working correctly!
  2. ShelLuser
    Best way to learn expansions: get a laptop with just Maschine (mikro), Absynth, and one or two expansions. Then make the best of it ;)
  3. junglalien
    How do I delete my account besides being disruptive until I get banned?
  4. Chaz Greed
  5. ShelLuser
    ShelLuser D-One
    I came across "a thread" on the forums and yah... I had to do this: in my experience you're the kind of mod who doesn't play favorites yet STILL tries to make sure you're playing fair. I have the utmost respect for all your efforts here (whatever that's worth of course ;)). Sorry, had to share, "that thread" annoyed the heck out of me.
  6. Matthieu Test
    Matthieu Test
    1. ShelLuser
      I think it succeeded ;)
      Mar 7, 2021 at 11:38 PM
  7. em croz
    em croz
    always learning
  8. DJ Bluebird
    DJ Bluebird
    Trying to figure out how to get my Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 to connect properly to new Dell XPS
  9. DivanA
  10. Gus Wilson
    Gus Wilson
    Updates for Maschine MK3 currently on 2.12.1
  11. ShelLuser
    Picked up 'Electric Vintage' today... biased or not, it's definitely a solid addition to the session guitarist series!
  12. Tonebender71
    Tonebender71 Vangelis @ NI
    Hello, I accidentally have two accounts here. Can you delete this one or tell me how I can ? Thx!
  13. pulsdj
    pulsdj DjCacho
    buenas noches dj cacho me podria ayudar con el maping de Denon mcx8000 para Traktor por favor. mi correo es pulsguaman15@hotmail.com
  14. Olivier Drot
    Olivier Drot Keir @ NI
    Hi ! Is it possible to have the "NI Product Owner"on my profile ? (owner of maschine+) :)
  15. SonicSailor
  16. John Pennington
    John Pennington
    Having Problems installing Komplete On OSX external drive
  17. Nicolai Cala
    Nicolai Cala
    Space Monkey
  18. Groovefella
    House Sweet House
  19. FusionLA
    FusionLA Jamison__
    Do still have the vouchers?
    I would like to buy 2 of them.
  20. FusionLA
    FusionLA Peter Busatto
    Session Horns pro is still available.