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  1. perusahaan
  2. SILexRaze
    Kontrol S8 - HP probook 430 G4 - House - Tech House - Techno
  3. Tom Milano
  4. joborges
    Kontrol S 49, Komplete 11 Ultimate, Maschine mk2.
  5. TurboRat
    Single, fast fingering, overdosed to drumming dnb breaks on Maschine
  6. Dj Nico Silva
    Dj Nico Silva DjCacho
    Hola Dj Cacho.
    Me podrias pasar el ultimo archivo TSI de el Mcx8000? Lo necesito porque traktor es el software con el que trabajo.
    Desde ya, muchas gracias.
  7. Suicide Server
  8. BigRonO
    Music is my god.
  10. BK414
    Inner peace
  11. Futuretunes
  12. Mos|Grand
    It's been weeks since I produced a track...gotta end that trend this week!
  13. percobaan
  14. percobaan
  15. larosamusic
    larosamusic Sydes
    Hi Sydes - Do you mind sending me you most recently updated QML settings? Found the DJtechTools article with the DeckHeader.qml and DetailFooter.qml (not sure where to put this one).

    Basically looking to just get my MIK Camelot keys to show and spectrum if possible. Thanks!
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