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  1. haroon X
    haroon X
    string essential articulation
  2. kolia
    Bonjour, je souhaiterais mettre un effet de monté sur un groupe ou un sound mais que pour un pattern ... comment faire ? merci
  3. Sergey84
    Sergey84 DjCacho
    Hi Dj Cacho! Could you plz send me the Traktor mapping for MCX8000! Big thx in advance!
  4. Andrew_Battista
  5. hubertlemurto
  6. Jackpot Slot Machine
    Jackpot Slot Machine
    Happy with 2.11.2 - DVS is stable, sound is pure
  7. Tr97
  8. The Talented Mr. L.
    The Talented Mr. L.
  9. hindermath
    How To Make A Noise! With Reaktor 6 and Komplete Kontrol S25 MK1. :-D
  10. hubertlemurto
    now or never
  11. Dopplgngr
  12. VincentV
    Shorter of breath and one step closer to death.
  13. totolitoto
    totolitoto Skeedadle
    I've noticed your post about "looping envelope" (I thing you were making an OSCAR emulation)
    I don't get what you say about sending the env back to the filter
    Could you explain it a bit more or show me the structure please?
    I'm kind of a noob

  14. chban
    chban Keir @ NI
    Hi Keir, I submitted a License Transfer request #1393241 about 14 days back, and I have not received any response yet. Appreciate if you could get it done. I have been calling every day for the past 3 working days and staying on hold for several hours and not been able to get through to anyone. Thanks.
  15. Jesus Pardo
    Jesus Pardo
    In music since the 70's
  16. hubertlemurto
  17. walter85it
    Maschine Studio - Massive - Kontact - Absynth - Replika XT -
  18. DigeratiMusic43
  19. Alex Martin
    Alex Martin
    Maschine Evangelist
  20. ghoster