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New Profile Posts

  1. Diana 27
    Diana 27
    I am not Peppa Pig either
  2. Almaz
    A person has a huge number of reasons for which to be grateful to life, but he takes the benefits for granted.
  3. Dark Star Balla
    Dark Star Balla
    Wait... How do you do that?!?!
  4. kasper Bo Petersen
    kasper Bo Petersen
    Hi I am New to Native instruments . I JUst got my Koplete Kontrol S49.. Cant wait to get started in the world of electonic music.
  5. ctgarvey
    I don't hear as good as I used to & I forget stuff and I aint as pretty as I used to be but god damn I'm still standing here and I'm The Ram
  6. Bongo John
    Bongo John
    Chilling at my studio
  7. Silly Goose & Val
    Silly Goose & Val
    Creating Community Moment of Joy
  8. Ant Foster
  9. Maq1
    1. Maq1
      Bonjour à tous
      Je viens de réutiliser le logiciel traktor pro sachant que depuis plus de 2 ans je n ai pas fait de mise à jour
      Aujourd'hui je n arrive plus a importer des fichier sur le logiciel
      merci de votre aide
      Nov 25, 2021 at 6:58 PM
  10. Marcelo Estevanato
  11. vinnie2k
    NI please improve preset navigation
  12. aemagine
    New NI user
  13. OreKore
    Old member actually..
  14. CharlieWonka
    Ready to music...
  15. Xtian73
    Keep playing
  16. Dhughley
    Dhughley sowari
    Can you help me with changing my Forum name? My forum name shows as Dhughley. This is not my name but mastarks@gmail.com has been my email address since for this forum for years. Dhughley is not the name I’d like to use with my forum account. All of my NI purchases are currently under mastarks@gmail.com.
  17. Brian Crytal
    Brian Crytal
    Brian Crystal is my name.
  18. Pieter Van Vaerenbergh
    Pieter Van Vaerenbergh
    I wished Program CC could be send on project load #Machine+
  19. CRS
    Everything was good until MaschineStudio screens died.
    YANI HELLE MacGeorges
    Hello i would love to be able to plug a triple pedal on my KK s 61 MKII if you see this message can you please email me on how you did it? my email is yanihelle@gmail.com