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  1. CYTRA
    CYTRA Delcut
    Hallo, hab deinen Thread zum Thema Remix Deck und Synchronisierung gelesen! Hast du das Problem schon behoben ? Wenn ja , was wars ?
    Hab jetzt genau das selbe Problem!
    Lg Christian
  2. Al G
    Al G Tim @ NI
    Hi Tim. I'm the proud owner of KK Mk 2, Maschine Studio and Kontakt 11 ultimate. from what I'm hearing. there will be no Maschine Studio Mk 2 in the future. I personally love the extra buttons etc and bigger size of the Studio version. Maschine Mk 3 is great. are you guys not going to do a bigger and better Maschine in the future? Are you allowed to even discuss it
  3. mike-dean1
    mike-dean1 KoaN
  4. Quade
    Quade barrysdj
    hey there, kindly email me & i can try assist you. i too own a Pioneer DDJ-T1 DJ Controller, so i'm happy to assist you. djwillyd2@gmail.com keep well. Peace D!
    Me so too pls!!
  6. Raphael J.
    Raphael J.
    if it works don't fix it!
  7. LRM
    Just want stuff to work like it's supposed to... then, amazing things happen... WOW! LOOK OUT!
  8. Teo-F
    Teo-F Salvador @ NI
    hello my name is Teo and I'm working on a beta Version update with pioneer cdj 2000NXS2 and dim 900NXS2 this update is amazing but if you could do the final upgrade we can connect with over djm 900 NXS2 with including USB-HID control
  9. Ya Mane LaMayn
    Ya Mane LaMayn
    Yo so new to NI Community (WHADDUP WHADDUP)
  10. Granjuanbeats
  11. PowerHouseDJ
    PowerHouseDJ DjCacho
    I would love this mapping as well please.
    1. PowerHouseDJ
      May 9, 2018
  12. radiokrishna
    DJ Avadhuta from Russia – Active Traktor User for many years. Expert in Traktor Features and Mappings.
  13. joanthan
    joanthan jbuonacc
    do you have any more licenses ???
    SPIRITRIP jbuonacc
    You mentioned you had some extra licenses. Could I purchase 1 from you? I bought a maschine mk2 4 years ago and haven't been able to use it. let me know asap.. thanks.
  15. Sk8z
    Sk8z WernerR
    Hello. I'm a maschine mk3 user and would like more information on how to compile a template for ableton.
  16. Traxic
    Traxic DjCacho
    Hi! Can i get the latest version of your mapping for the MCX8000? Thanks!
    1. DjCacho
      I send you a private message. Regards!!!
      Apr 23, 2018
  17. lorcan
    NKS is in the house!
  18. Aldred411
  19. gearpron
    Rane Twelve is the OSX update of DJ gear.
  20. Francis Xavier
    Francis Xavier ManoVarunKumar
    Files sent to
    Enjoy dear brother. GOD bless you.
    Francis Xavier.