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  1. RENATAsc2000
    RENATAsc2000 BaseTown
    Hola amigo me gustaria ayuda con el mapeo de la sc-2000 denon que creaste. Resulta que solo me carga el desk A y cuando ocupo la otra maquina me carga directamente al deck C y solo quierousar A y B :( estoy muy triste ya que llevo horas haciendolo y no logro usar solamente dos deck. Eres el unico que esta actualizado en esto y espero encontrar tu ayuda. Muchas gracias desde ya!!!!! cariños desde chile
  2. yungsaiyan
    yungsaiyan D-One
    Hi D-one, I'm looking at getting a Macbook Pro for my mobile music production. I currently have a dedicated Studio PC and was wondering if I will be able to transfer all of my Maschine 'Projects' over to my new Macbook Pro.

    Has anyone successfully done this?

    If so please reach out to me.. Thanks in advance!
  3. Parameciorecords
    My setup is C. MacBook Pro 15' i9 - Traktor s4 - Maschine mk3 and Soundflower
  4. cangaran
    cangaran Simon Pook
    Dear Simon Pook;

    Short question I shorty question. How to user server setting.

    Moutn path
    Dj user name
    Dj pass Format


    I use mixx it workd but not workin with pro 3.

    Denon 3000 ı have

  5. Sidney Constantine
  6. ShelLuser
    What bizarre times we live in.... I am now an official Microsoftie ;) $work shipped a Surface Pro X to get work done.
    1. ShelLuser
      This thing is way misunderstood and bias feeds biased reports; this is awesome for what it was intended for. Only problem... I cannot easily run Maschine on it. I'll be active, but I need my drive.
      Mar 28, 2020
  7. MFMouseQuake
    Make Music Live Always...
  8. MFMouseQuake
    MouseQuake™ Audio Engineer | Music Producer, NBSquared Muzik LLC | Skype: mfmousequake
  9. Abstractamcr
  10. COTK
    Making Music
  11. KodiJ
    Need some help with the directories.
  13. ShelLuser
    Finally back home... first thing I did? Get some coffee, but second thing: installing Electric Sunburst Deluxe! Metallica, here I come! :D
  14. KostaSpeed
    Professional Dj and Artist
  15. Step77
    Love your enemies!
  16. konvulsion
    Mac Mini 2014 con SSD 256 GB. MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. Traktor Kontrol S2 (o S2 MK2 según el serial). Tarjeta de sonido audient iD14
  17. Peakin Diamond
    Peakin Diamond
    Not A Happy Camper!
  18. Justin Sysum
    Justin Sysum
    Just getting started.......
  19. BaseTown
    Last Night A DJ Saved My Life!
  20. ShelLuser
    That sound and feel when you start using the 4D controller on a new Maschine MkIII.. priceless!
    1. ShelLuser
      The "newness" of my Maschine is slowly fading but I still remember the first time I started to move the 4D knob :)
      Mar 14, 2020