Jeremy @ NI
Apr 11, 2019
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Jeremy @ NI

Support Team, Male, from Berlin

NI Team
    1. nightvisionnn
      Hello Jeremy, I recently lost access to my NI account. It seems to have been hacked, they access it and changed my email and password. could you please assist me in getting access back?
    2. jmo01
      running into the same cracking/popping issue with traktor v3.4.0 237 with the kontrol s8 interface.

      2019 macbook pro, 2.3ghz i9, 32gb ram. osx v11.5.2 (big sur).

      you mentioned a fix in the context of Maschine, but it sounds like the same issue i'm having with kontrol. i'm wondering if the same fix is worth trying? or maybe there's a newer update?

      thanks in advance.

      original thread:
    3. DeepK
      Hello Jeremy, as you asked here is my ticket number as a "registration Failed" user of Maschine + waiting for 9 days already to get a solution. #2655009 . Already download the upadate file for reboot, sent it back to NI Support and now the man in charge of fixing it and send it back to me (the new file for reboot) is on holidays as if it was a good reason.. Thank by advance for your help.
    4. mattrixx
      Hi Jeremy,
      I have just sent some further info to tech support (Iker), that I think you'll be interested in.
      Tried to PM you, but it's longer than the 400 word limit.

      PM with a contact address I can send it to. Or just check in with Iker.

    5. Peter Nichols
      Peter Nichols
      Hi Jeremy, Brand new Maschine + straight out of the box, Account accepted, WIFI connected but registration failed?
      Ticket Number for support is: 2631801 this is very annoying i have manually registered it to my NI account but the actual hardware is stuck on registration failed?
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    6. joel martinez
      joel martinez
      hello jeremy I recently purchased maschine plus and i am getting the "registration failed" message while attempting to get my maschine started . my ticket number is 2581014 i would love to get this issue resolved asap. FYi my NI account shows maschine plus registered.
    7. berner
    8. stepcorrect
      Hi ticket ##2538214 pls help
    9. Grumpycox
      one of the support tickets i have open is 2528149, thanks in advance
    10. rel-fi
      Hola, Jeremy!
      Thanks for reaching out... I hope I'm doing this correctly. My ticket is 2479669.
    11. Skid Vis
      Skid Vis
    12. Thibaut48

      I got a problem with Maschine 2 Essentials. In my installed products I can see Maschine 2 Essentials but the version is O.O.O / 273 Mb / Full version. I can't find it on my laptot, it is inexistant.

      The problems is not the preferences because I put the Content Location on my external hard drive (320Gb).
    13. DW1
      Hi Jeremy. The S88 ticket number is 2397836
    14. Πανος Τσαμης
      Πανος Τσαμης
      1. Jeremy @ NI
        Jeremy @ NI
        I meant in a private message, not a comment on my profile. Nevermind, I got back to you by email.
        Oct 9, 2020
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    15. JMVE
      Hi Jeremy. Do you know if the U.S. website chat is down for some reason? I've had a question about a recent order for several days and was hoping to ask about it but the chat is never working. Previously it's been working great so I wondered if it's my browser?
      1. nightvisionnn
        did you ever get help through chat? It never seems to be online
        Aug 16, 2021
    16. locrates
      Hey there. is it possible to change my user name to "locrates", by chance? TY
      1. Jeremy @ NI
        Jeremy @ NI
        Done !
        Sep 9, 2020
        ShelLuser and locrates like this.
      2. locrates
        thank you good sir
        Sep 10, 2020
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    17. FNI
      Ticket number 2319793 for the issue with Logic Pro X and transport buttons on the S88 mk2 not working.
    18. nilssanders
      Here's ticket number for the Massive X issue; 2319668
    19. oranheim
      My ticket number is: #2310228
    20. Frnk Kollash
      Frnk Kollash
      Hi Jeremy,

      My Ticketnumber is 2303019. It is only in Cubase in Studio one and Bitwig it works fine.
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