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Jun 18, 2018 at 9:44 AM
May 22, 2015
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Jonas @ NI

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Jun 18, 2018 at 9:44 AM
    1. stevenlu676
      Can you change my name in stevenlu676
    2. Davidson A M
      Davidson A M
      Can I change my name to Davidson A M
      1. Jonas @ NI
        Jonas @ NI
        Done, welcome Davidson
        Dec 18, 2017
    3. producedbyjd
      J can you change my name to producedbyjd? Much love
      1. Jonas @ NI
        Jonas @ NI
        I can, welcome producedbyjd
        Apr 12, 2017
    4. xenteq
      Hi Jonas, can I change my name on the forums to 'xenteq'? Thanks
      1. Jonas @ NI
        Jonas @ NI
        Nov 10, 2016
    5. LincolnBanks
      Hey Jonas , how do I change my name from Max1mu5 to LincolnBanks there doesn't seem to be and edit function on my profile page and how do I change status from member to NI product owner.
      1. Jonas @ NI
        Jonas @ NI
        Check your DMs
        Sep 6, 2016
    6. Sourthoughts
      hey jonas, how do i get a product owner status?
      1. Jonas @ NI
        Jonas @ NI
        Check your dms.
        Aug 17, 2016
    7. progged
      Hi Jonas!
      Please can i change my name on the forums to 'progged'?
      cannot seem to find a button anywhere to do this, thanks!
      1. Jonas @ NI
        Jonas @ NI
        welcome progged
        Jul 18, 2016
    8. thekodols
      Hey, I was wondering about the dev Q&A mentioned in the community letter. Is that still planned or maybe I missed it?
    9. Phillsz6
      Hi I would like to change my name to Phillsz6 cheers!
      1. Jonas @ NI
        Jonas @ NI
        Jul 5, 2016
    10. Kidraver
      I wan to change my name to Kidraver, thanks
    11. siamak.baghdadi
      Hi.I have a question may you can help me.
      > When i try to load the Reaktor , Reaktor Blocks & Skanner XT on Maschine interface
      > , it didn't work and show me a msg (plug in not found- please check the plug in
      > path in the Machine preferences and rescan plugins .
      > i did it
      > but it doesn't work
      > help me please
    12. Bonus Beats
      Bonus Beats
      Someone said you might be able to help with a forum name change for my account. Could I do this? Always wanted to change mine but I would loose my stats.
      1. Jonas @ NI
        Jonas @ NI
        I can do that indeed. Just let me know to what name you want to have it changed.
        Nov 16, 2015
    13. -nautica-
      Hi Jonas!

      Thanks so much for this! It's a great big confidence boost for me! I'm more than grateful and gives me a greater incentive to continue with producing.

      May i please pick "Absynth 5" for the Komplete Synth, and "Contant Gardens" for the Maschine Expansion.

      Again, thanks! :)
      1. Huboi likes this.
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