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Keir @ NI
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Jan 7, 2022
Apr 4, 2008
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Keir @ NI

Community, man, from NI, Berlin

NI Team
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Jan 7, 2022
    1. Olivier Drot
      Olivier Drot
      Hi ! Is it possible to have the "NI Product Owner"on my profile ? (owner of maschine+) :)
    2. Carsten Tianjin
      Carsten Tianjin
      Hi Keir and all other folks, my question is : I like to buy a Maschine studio, sometimes it is offered without the software. I am a owner of a Komplete 12 ultimate, do I need other software to run the Maschine ? Best regards and thanks for replies ..... Carsten
    3. Thales de Paula
      Thales de Paula
      register my products from, thalesdp13@hotmail.com
      Thankz, Big hug from brazil.
    4. corvino26
      I would like to change my username... is this something you can help me with?
    5. arthur serrano
      arthur serrano
      I need to change my user name. How do I send a PM to you?
    6. Michael O'Hagan
      Michael O'Hagan
      I'm running a kickstarter for my first commercial reaktor release, I have the SDK/NDA licensing agreement with NI for the reaktor player platform. I'm trying to post my kickstarter video in both the Reaktor and Maschine forums, Is there a block against Kickstarters on the NI forum?
      Can this block be lifted for my posts because it is an NI related and licensed program that I am selling.
      Thank you,
    7. R Lido Clemens
      R Lido Clemens
      Need to replace user name (R Lido Clemens) with nickname - Rush Headlong. Thanks for the help!
    8. chban
      Hi Keir, I submitted a License Transfer request #1393241 about 14 days back, and I have not received any response yet. Appreciate if you could get it done. I have been calling every day for the past 3 working days and staying on hold for several hours and not been able to get through to anyone. Thanks.
    9. aLterthinker
      Good day, Keir! Could you help me? I can't contact the customer support on NI website (https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/categories/200936365-MASCHINE) - any time I try - it asks me to login, even if I'm already logged. After I fill everything and press "log" it sends me to the NI home page and out of my account. Can you give me direct email addres of the customer support? Or maybe there is some link.
    10. carlosmolinare
      Hi Keir! Please send me your email address as I have problems with a customer support ticket. It's been 8 days and no answer.
      Thank you
    11. viko1979
      Hi Keir
      i purchased 2 expansion last friday and my order still under review
      is there something you can help please?
    12. Alex Partyz
      Alex Partyz
      When will the new version of traktor pro 2017????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????7
    13. joeydelzingaro
      Im in dire need of help here. Ive been told by support to dl an earlier version due to some known problem they havent figured out yet. Anyways Im using vinyl tmiecode with a Z2 mixer and have the program running but the knobs , volume bars for each channel nor cross fader work. I can play tracks on each channel and both tracks play at the same level regardless where the channel volume.
    14. Smile Factory
      Smile Factory
      Hello, I'm proud owner of some NI products and want to have my account reflect this. Thanks in advance.
    15. 433beats
      can you send me a the 2.4.6 setup for maschine?
    16. DarkStar
      Hello Keir,
      In the "Official update status - Kontakt 5" thread, I think it would be a good idea to keep the lists of "What's new" and "Fixes" in the posts for each Release. For example, post #25 would have the details for v5.5.2. It would just be a cut 'n' paste, I think. And, perhaps, remove the v4 posts?

      That would make the thread a much more valuable resource.
    17. ShikiSuen
      Hello I have a support case 832142 regarding a serious bug of Native Instruments Symphonic Series String Orchestra. Waited over a week and there's no respond. Could you please help me recheck it? Thanks.
    18. thom1111
      Hello Keir,

      I received a e-mail to contact you so you could change my status into "NI Product Owner"
      Could you please arrange that for me ?

      Thank you in advance
    19. Hydrophonics
      Hi Keir, I hope you can help. I've just purchased the K88 keyboard and it's not working with Kontrol (I also own K10U). It works as standalone and reads the latest version 1.5, however in Cubase it says it's version 1.1. Many thanks in advance, Conrad. Ticket#2016011810008427
    20. MAMware
      Hi Keir, a friend of mine trip her audio 8 dj to the floor quite badly, i have changed the usb port and four SMD LEDs from outs 3,4,5 &6. the unit now works but freezes when the vol. is high. I cant find a pic./schem. to know if there is some comp. missing, C187 is empty and if it is missing a comp. wich value is?. also there are some other spots w/o comp. D43,44. R151,152. C99, R41, OSC1. Board is NIGZ003C/01.2007
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